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The gelato maker and gelato machine are recent inventions to the art of making gelato, or what is referred to as Italian ice cream. Gelato, meaning "frozen", was first reported in Renaissance Italy. Bernardo Buontalenti, a native of Florence and cook to the court of Caterina dei Medici, is credited with making frozen concoctions of milk, fruit, and sugar. Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, born in Sicily, is reported to be the first gelato entrepreneur. After traveling to Paris in 1686, Francesco opened a café there, calling it “Café Procope”. In the café, Francesco served different varieties of gelato, and his cafe quickly became a popular destination point for musicians and writers.

Sorbetto, a cousin to gelato, is typically made with no dairy ingredients. While gelato is thought to originate from 17th century Italy, sorbetto goes even further back, to the Roman era. Emperor Nero, of the first century A.D., had the fastest runners go along the Appian Way and run buckets of snow from the mountains down to his banquet hall. There, the snow would be mixed with honey and wine.

Interestingly enough, even before the Italians made sorbetto and gelato their own, the Chinese were creating frozen concoctions of snow, juice and fruit pulp thousands of years ago. Thus, while the Italians may have been expert at marketing the product, the Chinese may actually hold authorship over gelato.

Nowadays, technology has made the process of gelato-making and sorbetto-making fast and easy. Advanced gelato makers and gelato machines, which may be purchased for home or commercial use, allow you to mix and prepare great-tasting frozen treats in just minutes. Prepared fruit and nut pastes, stabilizing agents, and milk bases, eliminate the labor-intensive process of picking and mashing your own ingredients. Special freezers maintain your gelato and sorbetto at ideal temperatures, preventing them from excessive freezing or inadvertent melting.

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